Betting markets are a mix of both sharp & not so sharp market participants.

What if we could use *information* from sharp actors to beat less sophisticated players?


We now can.


By continuously letting our BetBots scan & interpret the activity on the sharper segments of the betting markets, we're able to identify what clever market participants are doing. 

In real time.

Thus, when something changes [due to news and/or improved pricing precision], we're the first to know.

Armed with this informational advantage, we find ourselves in a great position to hit bookies from all over the world with our action long before they've been able to react to the new pieces of knowledge that have entered the markets. 

Latency arbitrage if you will.


If you're of the belief that valuable, updated information beats old, outdated information...

Then you probably realise the value of this concept.


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Best of luck, Anon!

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